Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome all the participants for the two-day International Scientific Conference “CONTEMPORARY ISSUES OF RADIOBIOLOGY – 2021”.

The main objective of the Conference is to discuss the latest achievements in radiobiology, radioecology and other associated sciences. The Conference addresses a wide range of important subjects focusing on the impact of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation of various frequencies on biological systems, biomedical aspects of radiation effects, radioecological monitoring, redistribution and transport of radionuclides in the environment, contributors to radiation exposure of biota and man, the ways of radiation dose reduction, and the present-time risk management issues.

The Conference is intended to contribute and promote further developments and improvements towards radiological protection of humans and the environment.

The ongoing global pandemic is urging us not to waste away our time on all sorts of trifles and small matters, but appreciate and cherish every minute of our lives, more so the moments we get to spend with our dear and special ones.

Then let us all, in person or online, join together and spend two memorable days on 23–24 September 2021 to exchange expertise and share our views and research findings, discuss a great variety of interesting topics, and, importantly, charge each other with the positive emotions and intellectual ideas toward the future scientific discoveries.

We are looking forward to welcoming at our Conference university, graduate and post-graduate students, researchers and scientists and all those involved in radiobiology, radioecology and associated sciences.

Yours Sincerely,
Conference Chairman